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Turnstile ListView using Qt Quick

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This article demonstrates how to create a Turnstile ListView item using Qt Quick.

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Created: somnathbanik (04 Apr 2012)
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In this article we will see how to create a Turnstile ListView using QML Rotation Element. We will create a Button and when user clicks on the Button it will display a list of items in Turnstile manner. User can click on any of the list item to get the click event of that item using MouseArea.

Note.pngNote: We tried using QML elements to bring an animation effect like Windows Phone Turnstile effect. The effect might not be exactly the same as that of Windows Phone Turnstile effect. Please try the example and share your feedback. To know more about Windows Phone Turnstile, please visit MSDN.


Let’s create an empty QML project. We will first create a ListModel with 9 items.

ListModel {
id: modelListBox
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 1"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 2"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 3"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 4"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 5"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 6"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 7"; }
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 8";}
ListElement { rectState: ""; name: "Trunstile List Box Item 9"; }

We create a delegate which displays each ListModel items with a Rotation effect with an angle of 90 degree. To change the State smoothly we add the Transition element with a certain time duration.

transform: Rotation
id: rotationimageGreen
origin.x: 0;
origin.y: 0;
origin.z: 0
axis { x: 1; y:-1 ; z: 0}
smooth: true
states : State {
name: "right"
PropertyChanges { target: rotationimageGreen; angle : 0; origin.x:0; origin.y: 0; origin.z:0 }
transitions: Transition {
NumberAnimation { target: rotationimageGreen; property: "angle"; duration: 500 }

To avoid displaying all the list items at the same time we set a Timer which expires after a certain time interval and displays the next item from the ListModel.

Timer {
id: changeStateTimer
interval: index*200; running: false; repeat: false
triggeredOnStart: false
onTriggered: { console.log(interval); rect.state = rect.stateKind}

We use QML ListView to display the list box items

id: listView buttonClickMe.bottom
anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
anchors.left: parent.left
anchors.right: parent.right
model: modelListBox
height: 500

When user clicks on any of the list item it opens up the CommonDialog with selected list item information.

titleText: "List Dialog"
onClickedOutside: close();
content: Item {
id: itemDialog
Text {
id: textDialog
font.pixelSize: 21
color: "white"
anchors.topMargin: 10
anchors.left: parent.left
anchors.leftMargin: 20


This article shows how to use the QML Rotation Element to create a Turnstile effect for ListView.

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