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Undocumented Symbian OS and S60 panics

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Created: ltomuta (05 Mar 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)
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This page is intended as temporary host for undocumented Symbian OS and S60 panics.

Category Reason Definition Description
CBA 0 EEikPanicCBAControlArraySize Attemmpt to iterate CBA buttons outside the array range.
1 EEikPanicCBANullButton Not used
2 EEikPanicCBACannotConvertToCEikCommandButton It is not possible to convert a CBA button to a CEikCommandButton. Please use an interface that does not use a CEikCommandButton conversion, e.g. CEikButtonGroupContainer::SetCommandL().
3 EEikPanicCBAIsNotEnhancedCba
4 EEikPanicCBAButtonCountDiffersFromCommandTableSize Too many buttons defined in the resource. Corrupt resources?
SWInstSvr 0 ESWInstPanicBadRequest Not used.
1 ESWInstPanicBadDescriptor The server is requested to handle an incomplete message. The request might be missing: file name, mime type, installation options and/or parameters.

For example, a silent install request must always have installation options defined as well as a file name indicating which file is to be installed.

2 ESWInstPanicBadHandle A request has been issued but there is no session open with the installer server. Make sure to successfully call RSWInstLauncher::Connect() before issuing requests.
DBMS-Table 0 EDbInvalidColumn
1 EDbWrongType
2 EDbInUpdate
3 EDbNotInUpdate
4 EDbInvalidRow
5 EDbRowNotRead
6 EDbReadOnly
7 EDbTableOpen
8 EDbNotEvaluated
9 EDbStreamOpen
10 EDbRowSetConstraintMismatch
11 EDbBeginNestedTransaction
12 EDbUpdatesPendingOnCommit
13 EDbUpdatesPendingOnRollback
14 EDbNoCurrentTransaction
15 EDbStreamsPendingOnCommit
16 EDbStreamsPendingOnRollback
17 EDbInvalidBookmark
DBMS 0 EDbUnimplemented The function is not implemented in the DBMS API.
1 EDbInvalidColumn The column is out of range.
2 EDbUninitialised The DBMS session is not initialized, Did you call RDbs::Connect()?
3 EDbRowLengthOverflow Unused AFAIK
4 EDbTooManyKeys
5 EDbInvalidViewWindowParameters The TDbWindow fore and/or rear slots are negative.
6 EDbWrongType Trying to read column data of the wrong type.
7 EDbInvalidIncrementalStep The incremental step in RDbIncremental::Next must be > 0
8 EDbNoColumnsInSeekKey RDbTable::SeekL is being used with an empty seek key
AknIcon 0 EClientSessionNotConnected
1 EBadServerRequest
2 EBadDescriptor
3 EIconNotFound
4 EBitmapIconNotLoaded
5 EInvalidParameter
6 EWrongIconLocationInfo
7 EFileProviderCorrupt
EIKON 44 EEikPanicProcessWrongStoreType One typically gets that EIKON 44 panic when calling CEikAppUi::SaveL with a document inheriting from CAknDocument instead of CEikDocument. You simply need to derive your document from CEikDocument if you want to use the persistence framework. UI Designer projects suffer from this issue as the generated document class derives from CAknDocument.

Should you run into an undocumented panic please add it to the queue. Hopefully somebody will find the time to track it down and document it.


Category Reason Definition Description
Avkon 6 ? ?
CdlEng 7 ? ?

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