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Created: manikantan (13 Mar 2009)
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The following article describes the classes unsupported in Flash Lite or those which are not suitable for mobile applications.


There are several Do's and Dont's as far as Flash Lite is concerned and it needs special care if you are migrating from Flash ( the desktop version ) to Flash Lite. I shall introduce few classes that are proscribed from use in Flash Lite 2.0 programming.

- Camera : The Camera class is not supported in Flash Lite 2.0. Kuneri-Lite is a good third party tool with you can access the phone's camera. Integration with other languages can also help you in achieving this task. If you are targeting the Nokia 5800 or similar S60 5th edition models, you can use the Platform services API.

- LocalConnection : This is used to connect Flash movies( SWFs) running on the desktop. No such feature is available in Flash Lite 2.0 now.

- PrintJob : This is another class which is available in Flash's desktop version but not in the minimized Flash version. Printers that accept print jobs through IR or Bluetooth are still not very large in count. However, its not supported in Flash Lite at first place.

- XMLSocket : This is another major drawback for those programming applications similar to Chat clients. Most popular chat IMs send data over XMPP, which will be easier to program using XMLSocket. Unfortunately, this is not supported in Flash Lite 2.0. The same is available Flash Lite 2.1 onwards.

- Selection : Functions like Selection.setFocus() or getFocus() are not available until Flash Lite 2.0. They are supported in Flash Lite 2.1 onwards.

There are few other classes that are not fully supported in Flash Lite like NetConnection or NetStream. In addition to these, the following classes




are not suitable in the mobile environment and are hence deprecated.

Note: In addition to these, there are other features like FSCommands ( eg StartVibrate ) which are device specific. You may need to look through the device profiles in order to know if they are supported on that device.

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