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Hi Kiaran;

I am creating the console application that can retrieve sms in/out from phone. The code you contribute in "Sending-Receiving SMS through an Exe (Server)" is for S60 2nd Edt.I can create normal console application and can be run from mobile but i do not know how to add SMS handler in console application.I did the same step you mention in exmaple but it not successful for me.

If you dont mind, pls create the Exe applicaion with SMS handler for S60 3rd Edt when you got spare time.

With Regards Richard

Hi Richard,

If you see the article, I have uploaded two .zip files: One for S60 2nd edition and another for S60 3rd edition. Choose them as per your platform requirements. Please let me know the problem you are facing so that I can help you my best.

Best regards,

--kiran10182 21:48, 1 December 2008 (EET)

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