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Hello Lming,

In many of your code examples, you wrote that 3rd Ed. FP 2 was also supported, are you sure about that? There are some APIs for 3rd Ed. and 3rd Ed. FP1 that are not available on FP2, so if you are generalizing the APIs in the code examples, please reconsider it.

-- Wiki administration team


Thanks for your message. I always check whether these APIs are available on S60 v3.2 by using S60 V3.2 1.1 SDK to compile my code.I also will check whether these APIs are deprecated. Until now, all these APIs are available for S60 V3.0,V3.1,V3.2. I don't mention S60 V5.0 because I have not check my code on S60 V5.0.

Br Lming


By the way.

Thank you very much for your effort to improve the quality of my posts.:) Have a nice weekend.

Br Lming

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