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Hi SB Dev,

I read you article and it helped me adding in app purchase to my existing app.

But if I Change ProductID in WMAppManifest.xml then I will no more able to debug my app on phone. As I run my app it will throw error message that port a specified communication resources(port) is already in use by another application. But app will be deployed to phone and I can see and test the code but will not be able to debug app.

1) So changing the product id is just for testing or while submission also we need to have product id in WMAppManifest.xml file? 2) If I change it to default product id and upload a update of app, will store guys will update the product id in app automatically while download. 3) Is it possible get rid of above error and still have app id as product id in app manifest.

Please let me know if you have any query.

Keen to hear for you.

Thanks, Shyam

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