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Using Clock API

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The Clock APIs in Symbian provides the graphical display of digital and analogue clocks.The clocks are animated to change with system time. The Clock API has three important concepts:

  • clock base classes
  • analogue clock
  • digital clock.

Clock base classes

A number of base classes provide shared functionality for the clocks, including basic display control and time setting. They derive ultimately from RAnim, and are, in inheritance order, RAnimWithUtils, RTimeDevice and RClock. Basically, the animation of the clocks is performed by an animation DLL that plugs-in to the Window Server. The key classes in this API are client-side animation classes, derived from the animation client-side class RAnim.

class RClock : public RTimeDevice;

Analogue clock

These are derived from RClock, the class RAnalogClock provides an analogue clock with configurable colour, size, position, and number of hands. How a hand is drawn is specified by a TAnalogDisplayHand object. The settings for displaying an AM/PM indicator is provided by SAnalogDisplayAmPm.

class RAnalogClock : public RClock;

Digital clock

These are derived from RClock, the class RDigitalClock provides a digital clock with configurable colour, size, position, and font. What time information is displayed is configured through one or more TDigitalDisplayTextSection objects.

class RDigitalClock : public RClock;

A digital clock is composed of one or more text sections, which define how the time information is displayed.


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