Using CustomList in S60 5th Edition touch UI devices may crash the MIDlet (Known Issue)

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Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
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In certain S60 5th Edition devices with touch UI, a MIDlet with CustomList crashes when the user traverses a CustomList with a stylus, traverses out of the CustomList, and adds some LCDUI items on the screen.

How to reproduce

To test this, implement the following test MIDlet: CustomListTest.zip

After implementing the MIDlet, do as follows:

  1. Touch the StringItem with the stylus and drag the stylus over the CustomList without releasing the touch contact.
  2. Drag the stylus from the CustomList back to the StringItem and release the touch contact. The traverseOut() method will be called.

In affected devices the application crashes without any notifications.


This issue is expected to be fixed in future S60 5th Edition devices.

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