Using Dojo animation with WRT Widgets

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Created: symbianyucca (29 Oct 2009)
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Using Dojo animation with WRT Widgets

Animation and effects with are really easy to be handled. The base dojo class offers a method called animateProperty which with you can define any sets of properties to be changed with a timer.

Also you can define the style of the change with easing settings

And example WRT Widget for the animateProperty method: AnimProperty.zip

And an WRT Widget example for testing different easing methods: Easing.zip

On top of the property changes, Dojo also includes effects class called dojo.fx, with dojo.fx the extended functionality includes:

  1. WipeIn / WipeOut, WipeIn Out.zip
  2. FadeIn / FadeOut: FadeIn out.zip
  3. And Slide To: SlideTo.zip
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