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This article explains how to use Location Service APIs (GeoCoordinateWatcher) in WP7.

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Devices(s): WP7 Emulator
Windows Phone 7.5
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Capabilities: ID_CAP_LOCATION
Created: vvsnaresh (10 Nov 2011)
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To use the WP7 Location Service APIs you need to add a reference to System.Device.dll.

The following code snippet shows how to initialize the location service, handle changes in the service’s status and obtain location data on WP7.

public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage
GeoCoordinateWatcher watcher;
// Click the event handler for the “Start Location” button.
private void startLocationButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
// The watcher variable was previously declared as type GeoCoordinateWatcher.
if (watcher == null)
watcher = new GeoCoordinateWatcher(GeoPositionAccuracy.High); // using high accuracy
watcher.MovementThreshold = 20; // use MovementThreshold to ignore noise in the signal
watcher.StatusChanged += new EventHandler<GeoPositionStatusChangedEventArgs>(watcher_StatusChanged);
watcher.PositionChanged += new EventHandler<GeoPositionChangedEventArgs<GeoCoordinate>>(watcher_PositionChanged);
} // End of the Start button Click handler.
// Event handler for the GeoCoordinateWatcher.StatusChanged event.
// Implementation of the StatusChanged event handler.
// This event is raised whenever the status of the Location Service changes.
// The GeoPositionStatus enumeration that is passed in the GeoPositionStatusChangedEventArgs object,
// tells you the current status of the service.
void watcher_StatusChanged(object sender, GeoPositionStatusChangedEventArgs e)
switch (e.Status)
case GeoPositionStatus.Disabled:
// The Location Service is disabled or unsupported.
// Check to see whether the user has disabled the Location Service.
if (watcher.Permission == GeoPositionPermission.Denied)
// The user has disabled the Location Service on their device.
statusTextBlock.Text = "you have this application access to location.";
statusTextBlock.Text = "location is not functioning on this device";
case GeoPositionStatus.Initializing:
// The Location Service is initializing.
// Disable the Start Location button.
startLocationButton.IsEnabled = false;
case GeoPositionStatus.NoData:
// The Location Service is working, but it cannot get location data.
// Alert the user and enable the Stop Location button.
statusTextBlock.Text = "location data is not available.";
stopLocationButton.IsEnabled = true;
case GeoPositionStatus.Ready:
// The Location Service is working and is receiving location data.
// Show the current position and enable the Stop Location button.
statusTextBlock.Text = "location data is available.";
stopLocationButton.IsEnabled = true;
//When the Location Service is ready and receiving data, it will begin to raise the
// PositionChanged event and call your application’s handler if you have implemented one.
// In the event handler, access the Position member of the GeoPositionChangedEventArgs(Of T) object.
// The Position field is a GeoPosition object, which consists of a Timestamp and a GeoCoordinate
// object that contains the location information for the reading. This example accesses the latitude and longitude values.
void watcher_PositionChanged(object sender, GeoPositionChangedEventArgs<GeoCoordinate> e)
latitudeTextBlock.Text = e.Position.Location.Latitude.ToString("0.000");
longitudeTextBlock.Text = e.Position.Location.Longitude.ToString("0.000");
// Click the event handler for the “Start Location” button.
private void stopLocationButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
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