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Using Marketing in a Box (MiB)

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This article will focus and discuss on using the digital Marketing Toolkit of Marketing in a Box.

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Created: Noel.Anonas (28 Mar 2013)
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Digital Marketing Toolkit is the area in Marketing in a Box to produce the marketing assets like promo videos, website and banners.


Before using the digital Marketing Toolkit, here's the list of requirements in order to use it: 1. Internet connection - Since MiB is an online web application, MiB cannot be used if the user has no internet connection. 2. Published Windows phone or Series 40 mobile application - The application that the user wants to create marketing assets. 3. Nokia Developer account - MiB will use the developer's account in getting the screenshot and other resources from the published Nokia application needed to produce the required output.

Asset Creation

Example Example Dmt1.png
Example Example Example


Most of the developers are great in building apps but weak in marketing or promoting it. MiB created by Nokia is a good start in helping them to produce the necessary assets for marketing and to increase the sale/purchase of their apps. Upgrading the MiB and by adding a plugin to existing Nokia development tool or creating an offline MiB software would provide developers with more high quality features, better performance and more ease of use.

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