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Using fonts with Symbian and Maemo Platform

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Created: ebra (04 Dec 2007)
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Comparing Symbian and Maemo Platforms

Symbian Platform

// Abstract font interface
const CFont* iFont;
// EAknLogicalFontPrimaryFont
// EAknLogicalFontSecondaryFont
// EAknLogicalFontTitleFont
iFont = AknLayoutUtils::FontFromId(EAknLogicalFontPrimaryFont);
// A graphics device to which a bitmap managed by the font and bitmap server can be drawn
CFbsScreenDevice* iFbsScrDev;
// Abstract font interface
CFont* iFont;
// Create a font spec in order to retrieve a valid font
// TFontSpec(const TDesC &aTypefaceName, TInt aHeight);
_LIT(KFontFamily, "S60 Sans");
TFontSpec fs(KFontFamily, 100);
iFbsScrDev->GetNearestFontInTwips((CFont*&)iFont, fs);
CWindowGc& gc = SystemGc();

Maemo Platform

GdkFont* font = NULL;
font = gdk_font_from_description(
pango_font_description_from_string ("Monospace Regular 22"));
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