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Using the devices command

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Created: giaperrucci (07 Jun 2007)
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The devices command is especially useful when having several SDKs installed and using the command-line for building. It sets the environmental variables we need to build using a specific SDK.

Open a command-promt and check out the SDKs you have installed by typing:

C:\> devices

The result on my machine shows:


When we e.g. execute our build commands:

bldmake bldfiles

abld build winscw udeb

We will use the default SDK - to select another SDK we enter:

C:\>devices -setdefault @device-identifier

Where device-identifier has the format kitname:devicename, in my case I could set the 2nd Edition FP3 SDK as my default as shown:


To avoid entering the long device-identifier string we can create aliases for each SDK. As you can see on the first screen shot in this document I already have an alias for my 3 Edition FP1 SDK called 3rdFP1. An alias is created using the following command:

C:\>devices -setalias alias @device-identifier

I could do this for my 2nd Edition FP3 SDK as shown in the figure below:


We can also override the default setting for a particular command, or for the current window session. Overriding the devices setting for a particular command e.g.:

C:\>bldmake bldfiles @3rdFP1

C:\>abld build winscw udeb

Overriding the setting for the current command window session is done by setting the environment variable EPOCDEVICE:


Finally you get see some additional features of the devices command by entering:

C:\>devices -help

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