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Visual Studio useful tips

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Created: Maxying (23 Mar 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)

Warning.pngWarning: Following the withdrawal of Carbide.vs, Nokia Developer no longer supports the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for Symbian C++ development.

VC++ 6.0

If you use VC++ 6.0 all the same, I suggest you install Symbian 1st Edition SDK and the tools contained in it.

  • Application Wizard: An Symbian application wizard for Visual Studio.
  • EPOC Toolbar: It is a VC Add-in that offers some very useful functions, like EPOC Class Wizard and so on.
  • MMPClick: Recommend to you! That’s a very good tool for making your project. Normally, we compile the source code for device by command line prompt. Now you can do that easily just by right clicking your mouse.


  • The application directory must be same as SDK, otherwise you couldn’t make it.
  • If you install Visual Studio and Symbian SDK v1.2 in the different directory, you should edit the epoc.ini to fix the bug like this:

_EPOC_DRIVE_D E:\symbian\6.1\Series60\epoc32\wins\d

VC++ 2003

This is the IDE I frequently use and Archived:Carbide.vs Overview must be installed. Carbide.vs offers an easy entry into Symbian C++ development by providing a full development environment for Symbian OS development using Visual Studio. It supports almost all of Nokia SDKs, you can use them to develop software for Symbian and Series 80, even UIQ platform. It's a pity Carbide.vs does not have the new version for Visual Studio 2005.

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