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VoIP settings provisioning

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Some Nokia Symbian 3rd edition devices have VoIP functionality, allowing to make phonecalls without using the GSM operators infrastrucure. The call is made using VoIP technology (also known as MoIP - Mobile Voice over IP) over Wi-Fi or 3G/GPRS connectivity.

This service requires a correct set-up of the device. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

1) manually - the user inputs all the required settings manually on the device. This method does not allow full control of all parameters

2) Over The Air (OTA) using:

- Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Client Provisioning

- Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management

In this case settings are delivered to the device over tha air as binary xml documents. In order to incorporate this strategy a server capable of Client Provisioning/Device Management is required.

3) using VoIP plugin - a .sisx file that provisions the VoIP settings (Nokia N80IE)

Please refer to the following Nokia Developer website for more information: Voice over IP Service

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