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Created: ltomuta (17 Jun 2007)
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Note.pngNote: :This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.

The WLAN Info API provides publish & subscribe keys for WLAN using which we can retrieve MAC Address and also check the WLAN status.

WLAN MAC address is also usually found printed on the phone underneath the battery.The star-hash code is : *#62209526#

Use cases

These P&S keys are useful to retrieve MAC Address even when there is no WLAN connection established.

They are useful to find out whether the WLAN connection is open type or WEP secured.

Example code

Header files

#include <wlaninternalpskeys.h>
#include <e32property.h>
LIBRARY    euser.lib

The following UID & UInt values are provided in wlaninternalpskeys.h header.

const TUid KPSUidWlan = { 0x101f8ec5 };
const TUint KPSWlanMacAddress = 0x00000001;
const TUint KPSWlanIndicator = 0x00000002;

The RProperty type of KPSWlanMacAddress property is EByteArray.

The following code gives the unique WLAN MAC Address:

TBuf8<20> address;
TBuf<20> wlanMACAddress;
for ( TInt i = 0; i < address.Length(); i++ )
TUint16 addbyte = address[i];
wlanMACAddress.AppendFormat(_L("%02X:"), addbyte);
if ( wlanMACAddress.Length() ) // remove trailing ':'
wlanMACAddress.Delete(wlanMACAddress.Length()-1, 1);
CEikonEnv::InfoWinL(_L("WLan MAC Address \n"),wlanMACAddress);

The RProperty type of KPSWlanIndicator property is EInt.

The following code gives the information about WLAN connection:

TInt value;
CAknInformationNote* informationNote = new (ELeave) CAknInformationNote;
TBuf<30> msg;
case EPSWlanIndicatorNone:
msg.Copy(_L("No Wlan Indicator"));
case EPSWlanIndicatorActive:
msg.Copy(_L("Wlan is Active"));

Example project

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