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WP Designer Day Feb 2012

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This page contains information and materials related to the design and tooling for Windows Phone, shared during the Windows Phone Designer Day in Sunnyvale, CA in Feb 2012.

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Created: darabella (17 Feb 2012)
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The objective of the day was to educate designers who already knew other mobile platforms on Metro UI, which is the visual and interaction style used by Windows Phone. If you are a mobile app designer and already have familiarity with other mobile UIs, you may find this material useful.

For an overall introduction to Metro UI, in addition to the presentations below and videos to be added soon, you may want to investigate the links found on this page.

The suggested way to review the material of the event is to first watch Bryan's video Windows Phone Experience in Review which introduces the Windows Phone experience for consumers.

If you have been using a Windows Phone for some time, then you may feel more comfortable jumping straight to Developing Applications Using Microsoft’s Metro for Windows Phone on Youtube - then watching the rest of the videos and reviewing the rest of the slides on this page.


Design by Bryan Agnetta

  • Metro origins
  • Metro principles
  • Layout, typography, and motion
  • Embracing the phone experience


Design by Corrina Black

  • Visual language and inspiration
  • Application patterns, controls, and interaction design
  • Motion to reinforce function

Files (slides and examples)

Build by Corrina Black

  • Introduction to Silverlight
  • Overview of Expression Blend
  • Understanding and working with XAML in Expression Blend
  • Project templates
  • Controls – SDK and Toolkit
  • Sample data and data binding
  • Theme resources
  • Custom animations
  • Importing Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator files


Refine by Dave Crawford

  • 10 most common mistakes to avoid



Above are the agenda and accompanying slides that were used for the Windows Phone Designer Day in Sunnyvale, CA on Feb 9, 2012.

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