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Created: Korpela (10 Sep 2007)
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Wireless Telephony Applications Interface (WTAI) public library

The Symbian dual browser supports three Wireless Telephony Applications Interface (WTAI) public library functions: making a call while browsing, sending DTMF tones, and saving numbers and names to the phone book. These functions — MakeCall, SendDTMF, and AddPBEntry — can be used anywhere in XHTML MP code.

Making a phone call The MakeCall function is used to make a phone call directly from an XHTML page. A typical example of the usage of MakeCall is when the user selects that initiates a phone call. In XHTML, the MakeCall function is defined following string:

<a href="wtai://wp/mc;+123456789">Call 123456 789</a>

When a MakeCall function is executed, the user is asked to confirm that the dial-up is to be made. If the phone number about to be called does not exist in the phone book, a confirmation query with the phone number is displayed. If the number exists in the phone book, a confirmation query is displayed with the name fetched from the phone book.

Sending a DTMF tone The user can send DTMF tones through the network by executing a WTAI function called SendDTMF. Just like MakeCall, a typical way of using SendDTMF is to assign the SendDTMF function to a link. The user must have a voice call active. When the DTMF tone has been sent, the user returns to the active page where s/he initiated the sending. The voice call remains active.

Adding a phone book entry The AddPBEntry function offers an easy way to store a phone number and corresponding name onto the phone book application from an XHTML page. In XHTML, the AddPBEntry function is defined with the following string:

<a href="wtai://wp/ap;+123456789;Home">Home</a>

When the user activates an AddPBEntry function and the content author has declared a name and number, the device displays a confirmation query with the text "Save name?" When the user accepts the confirmation query, another confirmation query with the text "With number +123456789" is displayed and the number is stored in the phone book application. When saving is complete, the currently active page is displayed again. The user does not have to be online or have any voice calls active in order to use the AddPBEntry function.

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