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Waiver (Symbian Signed)

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About waivers

Sometimes, an application cannot pass the Symbian Signed tests for very specific reasons. In very rare circumstances, a waiver may be granted to allow the application to be signed without passing a particular test.

A waiver cannot be used when signing an application until it has been approved. As the waiver approval process can sometimes involve technical discussion, you should apply for any waivers in advance of making your submission.

Waivers will only be granted when there are solid technical reasons why an application cannot comply with a particular test. Waivers are never granted simply to speed up the testing process or because a particular developer doesn't wish to fix a defect in their application, for instance.

If you are using Certified Signed, then the test house may be able to apply for a waiver on your behalf. However, please note that even if the test house apply for the waiver on your behalf, it is still subject to the same strict approval process before approval.

The decision process

To apply for a waiver, submit all requested information on the 'Waiver' tab on the Symbian Signed web portal. Be sure to use a correct UID, as the waiver is specific to a single application. Fill in all fields with thought; waiver requests filled with junk will be rejected without pause.

From there, a decision will be taken, and you will receive an email response telling you whether your waiver has been accepted.

Please note that waivers are only granted in exception circumstances and so your waiver request will not be granted unless your situation is rare.

Using your waiver

Once approved, the test house can see your waiver as part of your application entry.

However it is also good practise to mention any approved waivers in the readme.txt submitted with your application. You should give a brief summary of the waiver so that the test house can verify that the waiver is approved before their test your application.

Requesting new waiver request

  • Login to your Symbian Signed account.
  • Click on the tab "My Waivers". The page displays details of all the waivers already raised along with its status.
  • Request a new waiver by clicking on the button "New waiver" on the top right hand side of the page.
  • Follow the steps in the opened page(waiver submission form)

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