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Web Runtime (WRT)

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Created: vasant21 (28 Dec 2009)
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Web Runtime is the WebKit web browser along with a set of components that allow widget installation, app management and access to device features via a JavaScript API. Widget development using Web Runtime allows you to package up web pages, install them on the phone and run them as a standalone application using the underlying WebKit engine to render the pages.

  • Core component include XML Engine, HTML Parser, Javascript Engine, CSS Processor, Rendering Engine etc..
  • WRT provides Installation & Uninstallation mechanism.
  • Provides javascript extension for native look and feel.
  • Available from S60 3rd Edition FP2.
  • WRT Widget consists of following files :
info.plist  [mandatory]
- A manifest file in XML format, containing the property and configuration information of a widget.
[name].html [mandatory]
- Main HTML file, defines the html content of the widget, header, body etc..
icon.png [optional]
- Widget icon file, image in Portable Network Graphics (.png) format, recommended size –is 88x88 pixels,
If omitted from the widget installation package, a default S60 application icon is used.
[name].css [optional]
- Cascading Style Sheets, used for styling and structuring the UI look and feel.
[name].js [optional]
- Javascript file, holds the javascript code for processing the application logic.

Note: Required widget components including optional icon.png MUST be located in the root directory, JavaScript, other images, and CSS can be at root or in subdirectories.

  • WRT Widget installation file is compressed with any ZIP application, Zip file can contain html, CSS, js, icons, graphics and the widget info file. Widget installation file extension is WidgetName.wgz and MIME type is x-nokia-widgets.
  • WRT supports a security sandbox that provide controlled access to system resources. It allows soft keys, shortcuts and Widget specific API including platform services aka service apis.

Everything you need to know about Web Runtime/Widgets can be found here:

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