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Web Runtime localisation support

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Created: User:Nokia Developer KB (08 Apr 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 Jul 2012)
Language lproj name Symbian Language Language code
English en ELangEnglish 1
French fr ELangFrench 2
German de ELangGerman 3
Spanish es ELangSpanish 4
Italian it ELangItalian 5
Swedish sv ELangSwedish 6
Danish da ELangDanish 7
Norwegian no ELangNorwegian 8
Finnish fi ELangFinnish 9
English, US en-US ELangAmerican 10
French, SW fr-CH ELangSwissFrench 11
German, SW ge-CH ELangSwissGerman 12
Portuguese pt ELangPortuguese 13
Turkish tr ELangTurkish 14
Icelandic is ELangIcelandic 15
Russian ru ELangRussian 16
Hungarian hu ELangHungarian 17
Dutch nl ELangDutch 18
Australian en-AU ELangAustralian 20
Czech cs ELangCzech 25
Slovak sk ELangSlovak 26
Polish pl ELangPolish 27
Slovenian sl ELangSlovenian 28
Chinese (Taiwan, traditional) zh-Hant ELangTaiwanChinese 29
Chinese (Hongkong, traditional) zh-Hant ELangHongKongChinese 30
Chinese (PRC, simplified) zh-Hans ELangPrcChinese 31
Japanese ja ELangJapanese 32
Thai th ELangThai 33
Arabic ar ELangArabic 37
Tagalog tl ELangTagalog 39
Bulgarian bg ELangBulgarian 42
Catalan ca ELangCatalan 44
Croatian hr ELangCroatian 45
English, CA en-CA ELangCanadianEnglish 46
Estonian et ELangEstonian 49
Farsi fa ELangFarsi 50
French, Canadian fr-CA ELangCanadianFrench 51
Greek, Modern el ELangGreek 54
Hebrew he ELangHebrew 57
Hindi hi ELangHindi 58
Indonesian id-APAC ELangIndonesian 59
Korean ko ELangKorean 65
Latvian lv ELangLatvian 67
Lithuanian lt ELangLithuanian 68
Malay ms ELangMalay 70
Malayalam ml ELangMalayalam 71
Portuguese, Brazilian pt-BR ELangBrazilianPortuguese 76
Romanian ro ELangRomanian 78
Serbian sr ELangSerbian 79
Spanish, International es ELangInternationalSpanish 82
Spanish, LatinAmerican es-419 ELangLatinAmericanSpanish 83
Ukrainian uk ELangUkrainian 93
Urdu ur ELangUrdu 94
Vietnamese vi ELangVietnamese 96
Basque eu ELangBasque 102
Galician gl ELangGalician 103
English, APAC en-APAC KLangApacEnglish 129
English, TW en-TW KLangTaiwanEnglish 157
English, PRC en-CN KLangPrcEnglish 158
English, HK en-HK KLangHongKongEnglish 159
English, Japan en-JP KLangJapaneseEnglish 160
English, Thailand en-TH KLangThaiEnglish 161
English, Indic en-IN KLangIndicEnglish 230
Malay, APAC ms-APAC KLangApacMalay 326
Indonesian, APAC id-APAC KLangApacIndonesian 327