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Wiki Competition Winners

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Created: Nokia Ron (11 Dec 2008)
Last edited: BuildNokia (10 Jan 2014)

Past Wiki Competitions

Competition Month/Year Winners
Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 11/13/2013 - 12/15/2013

The winners are listed below (more detail on the competition page):

  • Oliver Ulm (SB Dev ) for the article Creating and optimizing a custom effect for the Nokia Imaging SDK. This article shows how to create and benchmark the same custom effect with the Nokia Imaging SDK using C#, C++, and ARM NEON SIMD instructions. The guidance means that developers can understand their options, and at what point optimising using C++ and ARM NEON might be worth further investigation. SB Dev has also been supportive of other developers on the wiki and in the discussion boards during the competition.
  • Petar Kovacevic (pkovacevic ) for the article Creating a simple and beautiful Mosaic effect for Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0. This effect uses a clever approach to create a visually and computationally effective mosaic effect. This is also a great example of how to create a custom effect that takes multiple source images for processing.
  • Maxime Millet (MaMi ) for the article Tiltshift effect using Nokia Imaging SDK. The Tiltshift or "Miniature Faking" custom filter to make images look like they are photographs of miniature scenes is a really stunning effect.
  • Igor Ralic (igrali ) for the article Augmented reality for fun using Nokia Imaging SDK filters. A good explanation of GART and augmented reality, but what inspired many of the judges was the opportunities offered by being able to apply imaging SDK filters over the augmented reality camera feed.
  • Sebastiano Galazzo (galazzo ) for the article Image processing optimization techniques. This article outlines a number of useful image processing techniques. The content is more suitable to advanced developers wishing to work with C++ and ARM NEON.

Big UI Article Winners

  • Toni Petrina (to_pe ) for the article Advanced Techniques for Big UI. This article provides a number of techniques for maintaining XAML, graphical and other resources to support all the Windows Phones screen sizes and resolutions. The judges particularly liked the final approach, which allows developers to specify XAML only for those screens that would really benefit, rather than the traditional approach where a screen needs to be created for every screen resolution.
  • Tomas Slavicevick (User:Tomas Slavicevik ) for the article UI Framework for XNA and MonoGame with high DPI support. XNA/Monogame developers will like this straightforward approach for defining a UI that will scale properly for all supported WP screen resolutions.

Honourable Mention

Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2 9/29/2013 - 12/15/2013

The winners are listed below (more detail on the competition page):

Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3 11/07/2013 - 04/09/2013

The winners are listed below (more detail on the competition page):

  • Verdavaine Yan (yan_ ) for the article Memory-efficient Navigation in Very High Resolution Images on Windows Phone. This article delivers two re-usable UI controls which enable fluid and memory-efficient zoom, pan and rotate inside very high resolution (or gigapixel) images, using the Nokia Imaging SDK. We were impressed with the results achieved both on high and low memory devices - irrespective of the image size. Not only is this a significant technical achievement, but the article is well written, and provides useful information that is not covered by the Nokia Imaging SDK documentation. Yan also contributed Optimizing Imaging SDK use for rapidly changing filter parameters (used by the winning article) and valuable feedback about the SDK
  • Sebastiano Galazzo (galazzo ) for the article HDR I - Implementing High Dynamic Range filters using Nokia Imaging SDK. This article explains first how to implement an HDR engine and next how to combine Nokia Imaging SDK's filters with HDR source images to improve images and filters, and to create new filters. We particularly liked the innovation and ambition of this article - and some of the filters/image improvements are quite striking. Best of all, Sebastiano includes his prototype app, so you can try out your own combinations and find out what works best. Sebastiano also contributed the article Neural Network based Image Processing, which provides a generic/re-usable library for working with neural nets - very cool indeed.
  • Toni Petrina (to_pe ) for the article Partial filter application and blending with Nokia Imaging SDK. This article works through a powerful image editing application, with main feature that a user can select part of the picture by 'painting' over it, apply a filter only to painted region, and blend the filtered region back into the original. The whole app is impressive, and the article does a good job of explaining how the main features are implemented. We liked the selection tools (and in particular the "magic wand") and all the options for blending.
  • Tomas Slavicek for his article Real-time camera effects on Windows Phone 7 and 8. This article demonstrates how to apply a real time "8-bit effect" camera effect (a picture composed of smaller images) - delivered in an app that can run on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices. The filter effect not supplied in the Imaging SDK, and we think it's pretty cool! We also liked this article because the technical solution (using XNA/Monogame) is a clever way of improving the refresh rate, and allows the solution to work on both Windows Phone 7 and 8, and also on lower-end devices. This is a bit more "hard core" than some of the other entries, but is still understandable and useful for others.
  • PedroQ for his article Using Nokia Imaging SDK in a Windows Phone game. This article demonstrates an image-based quiz game, where the Nokia Imaging SDK is used to add effects to images to make them more challenging to recognise. We liked that the article showed a cool use for imaging outside of the context of an imaging or camera app. We also liked that the explanation of how to use filters was clear and concise. PedroQ also contributed extremely valuable feedback about a problematic issue we had with the Nokia Imaging SDK NuGet installer.
  • "Honourable mention" goes to RatishPhilip , who will receive a Lumia 720 for the article Filter Parameter Harmonization - Dynamic UI generation for filter parameters. This article explains how to create a single UI control which dynamically offers the correct UI elements (sliders etc) for editing the parameters of the currently applied filter. Also see Ratish's other articles (FilterSquare: Using Nokia Imaging SDK to create an innovative Filter App for Windows Phone 8, How to apply filters to specific image region using the Nokia Imaging SDK, Handling rapid imaging filter parameter changes using Rx)

SDK Feedback Winner

  • aesirconsultancy for requesting blending functionality like that provided by writeableBitmapEx .The request was made early on and was subsequently requested by a number of other users. We consider it good feedback because it shows a good understanding of what is offered by the SDK, and because we appreciate the importance of building bridges between the Nokia Imaging SDK and the hugely popular WriteableBitmapEx library.
Windows Phone 8 Wiki Competition 2012Q4 01/11/2012 - 16/12/2012

Asha Touch Competition 2012Q3 26/01/2012 - 26/03/2012

The grand prize winner is Noel.Anonas for the article Playing whacking game with Accelerometer Sensor. This article explains how to write a simple rabbit-hitting game using both the Sensor and Gesture APIs. This is a winner because the APIs are relevant and their use has been well-explained in a real and relevant context (a game). The game is also really fun!

We've chosen to award 7 community winners. The remaining article winners are listed below:

The winners for the "feedback" section are:

  • internetlabor for his very focused and relevant feedback around core app development. The issues raised showed a great understanding of the product and what areas most need improvement
  • e4studio for uncovering two bugs (we are planning to fix these in the next release)

Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1 26/01/2012 - 26/03/2012

For more information on the winners and the selection process, please see the competition blog here.

App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011 10/11/2011 - 30/11/2011
  • Melon Mobile for its (soon to be published) Baby Monitor app. The icon uses a clever background colour, links to notifications, and highlights monitoring.
  • Pixle/Trismer for its Bord "chalkboard simulator". The icons uses bold, simple elements that connect with the target audience.
  • Stephen Spencer for his Meex "electronic music beatmatching app". The icon combined surround with real world symbol. Metaphor expresses content of app.

Series 40 Java and Web App Competition June 2011 01/06/2011 - 30/06/2011
  1. 4cast weather application by Douglas Hoskins
  2. Using the PositioningManager from Maps API for Java ME by Alessandro La Rosa (jappit )
  3. Touch & Type Currency Converter by Spyridon Antonellos (spiretos)
  4. Tweet 40 - Series 40 web app by Somnath Banik (somnathbanik )

The Quick Competition 2011Q1 20/01/2011 - 06/03/2011

The top Wiki articles:

  1. How to build a tabbed UI with QML by Alessandro La Rosa (jappit ). Alessandro created an (unprecedented) 10 great articles! We chose this as one example, but all of them are worth reading (and watching the demo videos). Check all articles by jappit >>
  2. QML OAuth by njzk2 . OAuth is used by many web sites such as Twitter and Facebook for authentication; this article by njzk2 explains how to implement OAuth procedure in QML apps. We think this article will be useful to many of us.
  3. Simple Qt timer application in QML by ianbrfid . This is a very good article for developers that want to get started with QML. It has come great examples on how to use state transition animations and what QML can do with simple commands.

Jappit, njzk2 and ianbrfid will each receive a Nokia E7. justin.armstrong gets a well deserved "honourable mention" for his excellent QML Tag Cloud article, and will receive a Nokia N8.

The top Projects submissions:

  1. TwimGo by Tommi Laukkanen (eetomla). Tommi submitted 3 Qt apps, all polished and fully functional. Try out TwimGo, NewsFlow and DoodleDrive on your device, but make sure you also check out the code, because it’s all very well written.
  2. Flake Weather by claudiu.chetan, dbaila and iza. The guys created 2 Qt apps that look great. Flake, a weather forecast application, was in our opinion the best, but ShoppingList is also very useful.
  3. Whatser by alichino. Whatser really ticks all the boxes of a modern application, it works on your mobile and your PC, is about location and social network and especially about going out and have fun with your friends.

Eetomla, the Flake team and alichino will each receive a Nokia E7. Funkybro gets a Nokia N8 for his "funky" WordMaster game developed in QML and using JavaScript for the logic.

Qt Article Contest 01/11/2010 - 30/11/2010 The winners (in no special order) are: skumar_rao , dennis4b and chintandave_er
Archived:Qt Mobility Contest - January 2010
(not a wiki competition but most of the competition entries have been contributed to this wiki)
07/12/2009 - 31/01/2010

First prize: axeljaeger : QtKeyboard, Abusing Publish and Subscribe, Contactcube, HttpRemote, QtOrientationTest

Second prize: Hendy Irawan:,,

Other prize winners:

Antti Luoma: QtMobilityYouPlayer
Rainhard Findling and Sebastian Höbarth: Sources of their applications have not yet been made publicly available.
Dominik Gusenbauer and Daniel Rothbauer: Qt Mobility Usage Scenario: The mSense middleware
Sunil Kumar: Qt Mobility API Basic Examples Part 1

Archived:Mobile Design Challenge 03/06/2009 - 30/06/2009 The winners of brand new, shiny N97 devices are:
Alen Alebic

Articles by June 2009 Mobile Design Challenge Winners

Archived:Mobile Design Challenge 07/05/2009 - 31/05/2009 Winner: croozeus
Runners-up: Feliperodrigues and prakash.raman

Articles by May 2009 Mobile Design Challenge Winners

S60 5th Edition UI Contribution Contest 01/10/2008 - 30/11/2008 kiran10182 , ‎Damavik , ‎stenlik , ‎vasant21
The Asian Wiki Quest for Students 03-05/2008 Kandyfloss , raheal_akh , honest_success and gaba88
Archived:Code Example Challenge 2008 03-05/2008 Overall Winner and Location Based Services (LBS): Den123 (Den Grigorenko)

Flash Lite: chall3ng3r (Faisal Iqbal) and hp3 (Hayden Porter)

Web Runtime (WRT): dougcn (Dou Yongwang), jappit (Alessandro La Rosa), raheal_akh (Raheal Akhtar), david.caabeiro (David Caabeiro), geri-m (Gerald Madlmayr), felipebzr (Felipe Andrade), olympio (Olympio Cipriano)

Articles by 2008 Code Example Challenge Winners

June 4 day Competition 26-30.06/2007 lpvalente , TK2000
May 2007 Competition 05/2007 eswar_illuri , giridharn , kiran10182 , vasant21 , cabezonxdg

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