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Wiki Contributor of the Month

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Every month Nokia Developer honours a member as "Contributor of the Month" (COM) for their outstanding contribution to our community’s Wiki. The winner is announced on Wiki Home and awarded a new Nokia device and DVLUP XP, which is equivalent to DVLUP reputation. We also promote the COM winner within our online community through social media.

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Created: TraVezo (04 May 2007)
Last edited: BuildNokia (08 Aug 2014)

Note that COM winners are often, but not necessarily, also Wiki contributor of the week.

How do I win

Contributions are assessed by the Wiki Moderators based on the number and quality of articles submitted or substantially improved. If you have recently substantially updated an article please contact hamishwillee to be sure your article is judged for the month.

If two contributors are approximately equal we'll prefer newer members over Champions, but ongoing contributors over "first timers". We also prefer articles that best address the monthly theme (this theme is usually published on the Wiki Home page, and reflects current Nokia Developer priorities). If no one submits work that we consider "outstanding" then we won't award the prize at all.

List of Wiki Contributors of the Month

The following is a list of those who performed well in the past:

No Month/Year User name Real name Home page
80 July 2014 lpvalente Luis Valente -
79 June 2014 leemcpherson Lee McPherson -
78 May 2014 yan_ Yan Verdavaine -
77 March 2014 influencer Thomas Schmidt -
76 February 2014 hamishwillee Hamish Willee -
75 January 2014 vinayppatil Vinay Patil -
74 December 2013 Rob.Kachmar Rob Kachmar -
73 November 2013 saramgsilva Sara Silva -
72 October 2013 Depechie Glenn Versweyveld -
71 September 2013 SB Dev Oliver Ulm -
70 August 2013 paulo.morgado Paulo Morgado -
69 July 2013 jappit Alessandro La Rosa -
68 June 2013 bintk Ahmed Ghattas -
67 May 2013 influencer Thomas Schmidt -
66 April 2013 mfabiop Marcos Fabio Pereira -
65 March 2013 saramgsilva Sara Silva -
64 February 2013 Aady Aady -
63 January 2013 Vaishali Rawat Vaishali Rawat -
62 December 2012 r2d2rigo Rodrigo Díaz Tajada
61 November 2012 No selection N/A N/A
60 October 2012 influencer Thomas Schmidt N/A
59 September 2012 ArchieCoder Sébastien Lachance N/A
58 August 2012 pooja_1650 Pooja Arora N/A
57 July 2012 ashraf fawzy Ashraf Fawzy
56 June 2012 pavan.pareta Pavan Pareta
55 May 2012 lpvalente Luis Valente N/A
54 April 2012 galazzo Sebastiano Galazzo N/A
53 Mar 2012 Den123 Den Grigorenko N/A
52 Feb 2012 vineet.jain Vineet Jain N/A
51 Jan 2012 pasi.manninen Pasi Manninen
50 Dec 2011 avnee.nathani Avnee Nathani N/A
49 Nov 2011 N/A N/A N/A
48 Oct 2011 somnathbanik Somnath Banik Somnath Banik
47 Sep 2011 SeemaB N/A
46 May 2011 kiran10182 Kiran Patel Kiran Patel
45 Apr 2011 somnathbanik Somnath Banik N/A
44 Mar 2011 girishpadia Girish Padia N/A
43 Jan/Feb 2011 razvanpetru N/A N/A
42 Dec 2010 chintandave_er Chintan Dave Chintan Dave
41 Oct / Nov 2010 flycarl Jia Deng N/A
40 September 2010 mavi85bmn N/A N/A
39 July 2010 jimgilmour1 Jim Gilmour Jim Gilmour
38 June/2010 Levin_Wei N//A N/A
37 May/2010 Sangram Patil N/A
36 Apr 2010 grahamhughes Graham Hughes Graham Hughes
35 Mar/2010 pasi.manninen Pasi Manninen
34 Feb/2010 hoolee Hu Wei
33 Jan 2010 vasant21 Vasant Patel Vastant21
32 Dec 2009 neois Sittiphol Phanvilai Neois
31 Nov 2009 flaviofabricioferreira Flávio Fabricio Ventura de Melo Ferreira
30 Oct 2009 thiagobrunoms Thiago Bruno Melo de Sales
29 Sep 2009 valderind4 Valderi Medeiros N/A
28 Aug 2009 nirpsis N/A N/A
27 July 2009 mind_freak Viral Parmar N/A
26 June 2009 savaj Kamlesh Sangani N/A
25 May 2009 mayankkedia Mayank Kedia N/A
24 April 2009 manikantan Manikantan K Flashactions
23 March 2009 marcelobarrosalmeida Marcelo Barros NA
22 February 2009 xharada Danilo Freire de S. Santos NA
21 Dec 08 - Jan 09 james1980 Mr. Mehul Jajal N/A
20 November/2008 mfabiop Marcos Fábio Pereira N/A
19 October/2008 croozeus Pankaj Nathani
18 September/2008 aknyman N/A N/A
17 August/2008 gaba88 Gargi Das
16 July/2008 hoolee Hu Wei
15 June/2008 polaka_sr N/A N/A
14 May/2008 raulherbster N/A N/A
13 April/2008 Kandyfloss N/A N/A
12 March/2008 dougcn Dou Yongwang N/A
11 March/2008 bogdan.galiceanu Bogdan Galiceanu The Nokia Mobile Blog
10 January/2008 leisti Teemu Leisti N/A
9 December/2007 N/A N/A N/A
8 November/2007 Carbider Konstantine Voytenko Open Source Bluetooth PAN's Nokia Developer Blog
7 October/2007 kyllercg Kyller Gorgônio N/A
6 September/2007 spark55 Spark55 N/
5 August/2007 bharatuppal Bharat Uppal N/A
4 July/2007 Den123 Den Grigorenko
3 June/2007 rathodavinash Avinash Rathod
2 May/2007 cabezonxdg Leonardo Soares e Silva
1 April/2007 vin2ktalks Vinod Kumar K V Vinod Kumar K V

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