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Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)

Windows Phone ads providers performance by josueyeray


In this article I try to explain and clearly show my experiences with different ad providers in Windows Phone. As a result of this study, I have concluded that AdMob offers the most revenue for apps that have a target audience outside the USA and Canada, but that other systems offer different benefits for different use cases. The rest of the article explains my findings.

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Featured Article of the Week (Nokia X)

Custom theme on Nokia X by _jan_

NokiaXTheme NokiaX.png

This article explains how to add a custom theme for Nokia X devices to your app. The theme is selected at runtime, so you can use the same codebase and even the same application package for Nokia X and other Android devices.

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Contributor of the Month: March 2014

Green Ribbon.gif

Thomas Schmidt (influencer ) has been selected as the Nokia Developer Wiki Contributor of the Month winner for March 2014.

Thomas has been a regular contributor to the Nokia Developer Wiki since 2012. Last month, he finished up an article called Code Reuse in Windows Phone.

He also made many updates to improve existing wiki articles: adding cross references to relevant resources, updating titles and introductions to make articles easier to locate, and optimizing wording. This is the sort of work that Thomas does constantly in the background to make the Wiki a better place for developers.

To recognize his continued contribution to the wiki, we’ll be sending Thomas a Lumia 925, along with 2000 DVLUP XP!

Please join me in congratulating Thomas here.

Featured Contributors: March 2014

We'd like to extend a big thank you to the community members who contributed in March.

Thank you to our March wiki contributors!

(image courtesy of Wordle)

In addition to Thomas Schmidt, our Contributor of the Month, we'd like to give special recognition to the following contributors.

Luis Valente (lpvalente ) is one of our wiki moderators. As always, he has done a lot of behind-the-scenes editing to keep our wiki; especially the Portuguese pages, in top shape.

Marcos Fabio Pereira (mfabiop ) has been writing some useful articles. His article How to handle JSON strings with Windows Phone recently won featured article.

Lee McPherson (leemcpherson ) is a relatively new contributor. He's written two articles that were recently featured: How to set WebBrowser control viewport dimensions on Windows Phone and How to create a Settings Flyout using Visual States and Blend.

Josué Yeray Julián (josueyeray ) is a new contributor who wrote a useful article on Using Mailchimp to manage a Windows Phone Beta test.