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Announcements.pngNokia Original Imaging Effect Wiki Challenge (11 Jul 2014): One weekend left to finish up your entry for the final segment of the Nokia Original Imaging Effect Wiki Challenge. What original imaging effect can you imagine?

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Featured Article of the Week (Windows Phone)

FishEye lens filter effect by Loukt


This article explains how to implement a FishEye Lens filter effect.

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Featured Article of the Week (Nokia X)

Integrating Disqus with Nokia X applications by croozeus

Disqus Choose Platform.png

Disqus is a popular comment hosting platform for websites and online communities that uses a networked platform. This article shows how you can use Disqus as a comment hosting platform for your Nokia X apps.

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Wiki Contributor of the Month for June 2014

Green Ribbon.gif

Lee McPherson (leemcpherson ) has been selected as Wiki Contributor of the Month for June 2014.

Lee is a C#/XAML Windows Phone and Windows 8 programmer with a some graphics experience using DirectX/C++. He also have a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. Occasionally these two worlds collide to bring you upcoming apps like Molecule Studio and others. He currently has nine highly-rated apps in the Windows Phone Store, ranging from a set of advanced medical calculators, to some light-hearted games for kids.

Lee is a fairly recent newcomer to the Nokia Developer Community, joining us last year. In that time has has learned from the community and then contributed back his learnings in the form of four articles: Multi-touch handling using DirectX C++, How to set WebBrowser control viewport dimensions on Windows Phone, How to create a Settings Flyout using Visual States and Blend, and Template universal app for video recording with MediaCapture using Imaging SDK Filters. The latter article was recently designated a winner in the Nokia Original Imaging Effect Wiki Challenge 2014Q2. He is also a frequent contributor on the Developer Discussion boards.

To recognize Lee's contribution to the wiki, we’ll be sending him a Lumia 925, along with 2000 DVLUP XP!

Please join me in congratulating Lee on the discussion boards.

Featured Contributors: June 2014

We'd like to extend a big thank you to the community members who contributed in June.

Thank you to our June wiki contributors!

It has been brought to our attention that the previous version of this graphic was incorrect. It left out some of our strongest contributors. Please accept our humble apologies for this error.

(image courtesy of Wordle)

Last Chance to Contribute - Nokia Original Imaging Effect Wiki Challenge

CustomFilters PsychedelicEffect50 WarpEffect50.jpg

Create and contribute a cool custom filter/effect or filter recipe to win DVLUP points and XP - or even a brand new Nokia Lumia 630. All qualifying contributions win!

This is a community-run event. It builds on the projects and articles created during our last Imaging Competition. We can't wait to see what you come up with this time.

All entries must be in by Monday July 14, so if you haven't already contributed, now's your chance! See the challenge page for details.