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Created: ltomuta (11 Sep 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (01 Aug 2012)


Direct RSS feeds

FN Wiki supports both RSS and Atom feeds.

Check the special page called Special:Feeds. It uses the DPL2 and NewestPages extensions to retrieve the articles and render RSS, respectively. Not all of the DPL2 parameters have been implemented.


Visit Special:Feeds for the default view.

Check also Special:Newestpages

To add parameters, simply add them to the request. For example, to see the latest English language pages (so a page not in Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, etc.) use this link [[Special:Newestpages?&notcategory[]=Lang-Chinese&notcategory[]=Lang-Russian&notcategory[]=Lang-Portuguese&notcategory[]=Lang-Japanese&notcategory[]=Lang-Arabic&feed=rss]]

Supported Parameters

All parameters for DPL2 can be found in the DPL Manual. Be sure to URL encode all parameters correctly. For example, "Symbian C++" should be "Symbian C%2b%2b" if it is to function properly.

  1. category
    • category=cat1|cat2|cat3
  2. notcategory
    • notcategory[]=cat1&notcategory[]=cat2
  3. namespace
    • namespace=ns1|ns2|ns3|ns4
  4. notnamespace
    • notnamespace[]=ns1&notnamespace[]=ns2
  5. createdby (usernames are case sensitive)
    • createdby=auser
  6. notcreatedby
    • notcreatedby=anotheruser
  7. modifiedby
    • modifiedby=auser
  8. notmodifiedby
    • notmodifiedby=someuser
  9. lastmodifiedby
    • lastmodifiedby=someotheruser
  10. notlastmodifiedby
    • notlastmodifiedby=auser
  11. count (can be an integer between 1 and 100)
    • count=10
  12. ordermethod (which ordering method to use. See
    • ordermethod=method1,method2,method3
  13. order
    • order=descending or order=ascending

Yahoo Pipes

Here is one solution that uses Yahoo's Pipes technology for manipulating the RSS items. Currently there are 4 feeds available, one showing only the English language posts and another 3 including also the articles written in Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

Nokia Developer Wiki EN Only

RSS small.jpg

Nokia Developer Wiki EN + CN

RSS small.jpg

Nokia Developer Wiki EN + JP

RSS small.jpg

Nokia Developer Wiki EN + PT

RSS small.jpg

Nokia Developer Wiki EN + RU

RSS small.jpg

Should I find some free time I will also create some dedicated feeds for the official and developer contributed knowledge base items. If somebody else can do it, it would be even better :)


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