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Windows Phone SDK 7.1 does not install in Windows XP (Known Issue)

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SDK: Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (only)
Platform(s): Windows Phone 7.5 (only)
Windows Phone 7.5
Created: r60600 (28 Aug 2012)
Last edited: hamishwillee (19 Jul 2013)

In Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Release Notes,it mentioned that this tool doesn't support Windows XP which is still used by a significant number of users. While trying to install the SDK in Windows XP, an error message pops up and the installation stops.

WP SDK 7 1 ErrorMessageXP.JPG

Actually, developers can install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 in Windows XP with special ways below -

  1. Extract the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 install file to a directory via unzip tool;
  2. Edit the baseline.dat in the directory like this
    REM original is InstallOnWinXP=1
    and save;
  3. Run the setup.exe of the directory with paremeter via running utility or command line of start menu .
    For example
    X:\xx\setup.exe /web

The error message, for failing to meet system requirement, won't pop up again and the installation continues.

At the same time an offline installation package in .iso format is also available for developers,which can also be unzipped by corresponding software. Alter the "baseline.dat" file as described above, but run the "setup.exe" directly without any paremeters.

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