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Working with SingleColumnStyleTreeList with Hierarchical Lists API - S60 Touch UI

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S60 5th Edition
Created: kiran10182 (10 Nov 2008)
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Single Column Style Tree List is created with Hierarchical Lists API to present data in a hierarchical list using text and graphics. In this article we will learn how to create Single Column Style Tree List using Hierarchical List API.

What is Hierarchical Lists API

  • It is used for presenting row data in more manageable hierarchical list using text and grphics.
  • To observe the list items in your application, use the MAknTreeListObserver observer interface.

Single Column Style Tree List

Implementing SingleColumnStyleTreeList component


  • We will inherit our class from MAknTreeListObserver interface and implement its pure virtual method HandleTreeListEvent() to receive and handle events for SingleColumnStyleTreeList.
  • Declare object of CAknSingleColumnStyleTreeList and use it to set observer for this class and handle events on SingleColumnStyleTreeList.
#include <aknSingleColumnStyleTreeList.h>
#include <akntreelist.h>
class CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView : public CCoeControl, public MAknTreeListObserver
//From MAknTreeListObserver
virtual void HandleTreeListEvent( CAknTreeList& aList, TAknTreeItemID aItem, TEvent aEvent );
//For SingleColumnStyleTreeList
void CreateHierarchicalSingleColumnStyleListL();
void AddSubTitleL();
void AddCoreDataRowL();
void DeleteSubTitleL();
void DeleteCoreDataRowL();
void DeleteTreeL();
//From CCoeControl
TInt CountComponentControls() const;
CCoeControl* ComponentControl(TInt aIndex) const;
CAknSingleColumnStyleTreeList* iSingleColumnStyleTreeList;


  • Call to create Single Column Style Tree List function from ConstructL() as shown below.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::ConstructL()
// Symbian 2nd phase constructor can leave.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::ConstructL(const TRect& aRect)
// Create a window for this application view
CreateHierarchicalSingleColumnStyleListL(); //We will create our Single Column Style Tree List in this function
// Set the windows size
// Activate the window, which makes it ready to be drawn
  • Create Single Column Style Tree List and fill the default items.
  • Set "this" as an observer for SingleColumnStyleTreeList and eventually we will receive callbacks in HandleTreeListEvent()
void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::CreateHierarchicalSingleColumnStyleListL()
iSingleColumnStyleTreeList = CAknSingleColumnStyleTreeList::NewL();
//Setting this class as an observer to receive events for tree list
// Add simple data row to the topmost level of the list.
_LIT( KDataRowText, "Simple Data" );
TAknTreeItemID simpleDataRow = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddSimpleDataRowL( KAknTreeIIDRoot, KDataRowText, KColumnStylePersistent, ETrue );
// Adding first subtitle row for the parent data row
_LIT( KSubtitleRowTextA, "First Subtitle" );
TAknTreeItemID subtitleRowA = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddSubtitleRowL( KAknTreeIIDRoot, KSubtitleRowTextA, NULL, ETrue );
// Add row values for first subtitle row
_LIT( KColumnText1, "Column1a" );
_LIT( KColumnText2, "Column2a" );
TAknTreeItemID coreDataRowA = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddCoreDataRowL(subtitleRowA, KColumnText1, KColumnText2, KColumnStylePersistent, ETrue );
// Adding second subtitle row for the parent data row
_LIT( KSubtitleRowTextB, "Second Subtitle" );
TAknTreeItemID subtitleRowB = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddSubtitleRowL( KAknTreeIIDRoot, KSubtitleRowTextB, NULL, ETrue );
// Add row values for second subtitle row
_LIT( KColumnText3, "Column3b" );
_LIT( KColumnText4, "Column4b" );
TAknTreeItemID coreDataRowB = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddCoreDataRowL( subtitleRowB, KColumnText3, KColumnText4, KColumnStylePersistent, ETrue );
// Adding third subtitle row for the parent data row
_LIT( KSubtitleRowTextC, "Third Subtitle" );
TAknTreeItemID subtitleRowC = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddSubtitleRowL( KAknTreeIIDRoot, KSubtitleRowTextC, NULL, ETrue );
// Add row values for third subtitle row
_LIT( KColumnText5, "Column5c" );
_LIT( KColumnText6, "Column6c" );
TAknTreeItemID coreDataRowC = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddCoreDataRowL( subtitleRowC, KColumnText5, KColumnText6, KColumnStylePersistent, ETrue );
  • We will handle callback events on Single Column Style Tree List control as shown below in the HandleTreeListEvent
void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::HandleTreeListEvent( CAknTreeList& aList, TAknTreeItemID aItem, TEvent aEvent )
//Process list items on appropriate events
  • Definition for the following functions to return SingleColumnStyleTreeList control.
TInt CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::CountComponentControls() const
return 1; // return number of controls inside this container
CCoeControl* CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::ComponentControl(TInt aIndex) const
switch ( aIndex )
case 0:
return iSingleColumnStyleTreeList;
return NULL;

  • Make sure to delete iSingleColumnStyleTreeList in the destructor of the class.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::~CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView()
// Destructor.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
delete iSingleColumnStyleTreeList;
iSingleColumnStyleTreeList = NULL;

Adding Subtitle to the list

void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::AddSubTitleL()
// Adding third subtitle row for the parent data row
_LIT( KNewSubtitleRow, "New Subtitle" );
TAknTreeItemID newSubtitleRow = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddSubtitleRowL( KAknTreeIIDRoot, KNewSubtitleRow, NULL, ETrue );

Deleting focused subtitle node from the list

void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::DeleteSubTitleL()
TAknTreeItemID focusedItem = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->FocusedItem();

Adding Core Data Row to the focused subtitle node

void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::AddCoreDataRowL()
TAknTreeItemID focusedItem = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->FocusedItem();
// Add row values for third subtitle row
_LIT( KNewColumnText1, "NewColumn1" );
_LIT( KNewColumnText2, "NewColumn2" );
TAknTreeItemID newCoreDataRow = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->AddCoreDataRowL( focusedItem, KNewColumnText1, KNewColumnText2, KColumnStylePersistent, ETrue );

Deleting core data row from the focused subtitle node

void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::DeleteCoreDataRowL()
TAknTreeItemID focusedItem = iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->FocusedItem();

Deleting whole tree

void CSingleColumnStyleTreeListAppView::DeleteTreeL()
if(! iSingleColumnStyleTreeList->IsEmpty(KAknTreeIIDRoot))

Useful functions


  • AddSubtitleRowL()
  • AddCoreDataRowL()
  • EnableThirdColumn()
  • IsThirdColumnEnabled()
  • SetTextL()
  • SetIcon()


  • RemoveItem()
  • ExpandNode()
  • CollapseNode()
  • FocusedItem()
  • AddIconL()


  • HandleTreeListEvent()



  • #include <aknSingleColumnStyleTreeList.h>
  • #include <akntreelist.h>


  • CAknSingleColumnStyleTreeList
  • CAknTreeList
  • MAknTreeListObserver


  • aknhlist.lib

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