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الثلاثة الفائزون إن 95 في مسابقة مساهمة نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني

The winners of the November Contribution contest are SergioEstevao , kavitaobhan and arunjyothiskp .

SergioEstevao had some amazing Java articles and one full series on creating a mobile game from start to finish: How to develop a Java ME game. Kavitaobhan had several outstanding How To articles including the How to make a custom scrollbar in Symbian. Arunjyothiskp contributed several articles for Java (and non Java) developers including an excellent article on Record Management Systems.

The Wiki administrators and myself want to thank all that contributed to the Wiki in November and feel everyone is a winner by helping others by sharing your knowledge. Remember you can still win a new Nokia S60 multimedia device as the contributor of the month so please keep the contributions coming.

رون Nokia Ron

تهانينا إلى كاربيدر -- مساهم الشّهر
Nokia Developer honors one member every month for their outstanding contribution to our community’s Wiki. The winner for the Month of November is Carbider who was rewarded with an Nokia N95 Multimedia Device for his contributions of several high quality articles this month and in previous months Carbider not only contributes in English but also translates his articles into Russian as well. The Wiki moderators and I extend a warm thanks to Carbider for contributing to the developer community.

We currently have 9071 articles in this Wiki.

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