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3D Print Sport Case for Lumia 920

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Created: marlon_luz (24 Jan 2014)
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The market for Sports Camera is growing fast. Cameras like GoPro are so cool and really makes you a hero. I like to ride my bike, run outside and go Kart using a GoPro Camera (always using Sports Tracker software :-) ) So I asked to my self: What about turn my Lumia 920 on a Sport Camera ? On this idea, I and 2 friends of mine Edson Silva and Germano Freitas build this Sports Case for Lumia 920

Feedback from the community would be welcome

The First Test

The idea was build a Case for Lumia 920 that could be attached on the mount parts of a GoPro Camera so that we can use the same mounts we already had as bicycle mount, helmet mount and adapters.

We worked on a first version and we tested it. The first version was a case to a Lumia 800 phone and we tested it with a friend that likes sky diving. Then we attached the case on the helmet of him and the result can be found on the video below.

The Lumia 800 Sport Case

In this video on Youtube you can watch the Lumia 800 Test Skydive recorded with a Lumia 800

The media player is loading...

The Lens

We would like to have the same effect of the GoPro does with a fisheye image, then to achieve that we bought a Wide/Macro Lens from the DX.COM website and we attached the lens on the front of the case. Below you can see the lens we bought.

The Fisheye like Lens

The case for Lumia 920

With the success of the test for Lumia 800 we build the case for Lumia 920. See images of the 3D model below.

You can download the STP 3D Model File here:

There is a clip to close the case. This clip even seeming weak is strong enough to not open the case. I tested that attaching the Sport Case in my car and going fast to 100 MPH and the case didn't open.

The back part is opened for the user interact with the display.

When using the sport case I recommend put the phone in airplane mode so that you don´t have a chance do receive a call during a record because if a call arrives the camera stops record the video.

To attach the Lens on the front of the case I used a strong glue


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