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About Encoding of Qt Creator

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First,thank Brasser's help in comment of my article Non-ASCII characters displaying in Qt Quick .‎

Qt Creator provides functions to change file encoding,which let developers dispose non-ASCII characters conveniently.

The setting list

Tools->Options->Environment->Gerenal->User Interface->Default flie encoding,



with which developers only can set the encoding in openning file and can't affect saving.Developers had better set it as system encoding,or the text displays in disorder.

The encoding saving files decides non-ASCII characters displaying.If the file need to be saved as another encoding,there are 2 functions in creator.

1.Edit->Select Encoding->Text Encoding



Developers must open a file before alter the Encoding whit it.

2.System editor(which is set in Tools->Options->Environment->Gerenal->System->External edtior)

Click the file with right mourse key,


select system editor to open it and save as needed encodings.

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