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What is ActionScript

ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language. The keywords used in ActionScript such as class, interface, and packages are similar to Java. If you have learned JavaScript, the learning curve for ActionScript is very low.


ActionScript 1.0

In 2000, together with Flash 5, the "actions" of Flash 4 were enhanced and renamed to ActionScript, greatly influenced by JavaScript and ECMA-262.

The mobile applications developed using FlashLite 1.0 and 1.1 uses ActionScript 1.0 only.

ActionScript 2.0

In 2003 ActionScript 2.0 was introduced with Flash 7. It brings important features, such as Type casting, Exception handling and proper classes.

From FlashLite 2.0, the ActionScript 2.0 language can be used for mobile application development.

ActionScript 3.0

in 2006 ActionsScript 3.0 was released with Flash 9. It is a big refurbishment of the language, using a different virtual machine. The virtual machine for the older versions of ActionScript is included for compatibility. 3.0 is considered a significant performance booster and entails a more robust model.

Currently there is no FlashLite version which supports ActionScript 3.0

Read more about ActionScript on Adobe's developer site[1]

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