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Created: ivey (28 Mar 2007)
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Most of the recent Symbian SDKs contain build tools consisting of Perl scripts. To function correctly, the scripts require ActivePerl v5.6.1 build 635. Until recently this version of ActivePerl was available for download from ActiveState. ActiveState has, however, moved downloads for older, unsupported versions of ActivePerl so they are accessible only to users with ActiveState Business Edition Support.

This resulted in issues for developers who started using the SDKs after ActiveState removed the ActivePerl v5.6.1 build 635 download.

Subsequently Nokia was able to obtain a license to enable download of the installer from the Nokia Developer website. However this agreement expired at the end of 2010. Since then Nokia has started to incorporate the installer into the S60/Symbian SDKs. The installer is now included in and installed when necessary from all Symian^3, S60 5th Edition, and S60 3rd Edition SDKs. Of the recent SDKs, the N97 SDK only is missing integrated installation of ActivePerl, but as long as one of the other SDKs is installed first the N97 SDK will work correctly.

Developers choosing to use another build of the ActivePerl tools can find a discussion on their use in the dedicated Discussion Board thread.

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