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Adding event to native calender application on Meego Harmattan using QOrganizer API

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|sourcecode= <!-- Link to example source code e.g. [[Media:The Code Example ZIP.zip]] -->
|sourcecode= [[Media:AddToCalender.zip]]  
|installfile= <!-- Link to installation file (e.g. [[Media:The Installation File.sis]]) -->
|installfile= <!-- Link to installation file (e.g. [[Media:The Installation File.sis]]) -->
|devices= N9,N950
|devices= N9,N950

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The code snippet shows how we can add an event to the native calender application on MeeGo Harmattan device using the QOrganizer API.

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SDK: Nokia Qt SDK 1.1.3
Devices(s): N9,N950
Keywords: QOrganizerManager, QOrganizerEvent,QOrganizerItem
Created: vineet.jain (07 Dec 2011)
Last edited: vineet.jain (13 Dec 2011)


#include <qorganizerevent.h>
#include <qorganizermanager.h>
#include <qorganizeritem>

In the .pro file, add the following lines:

CONFIG += mobility
MOBILITY += organizer


bool Cyourclass::addEventToCalender(const QString& alabeltext,const QString& aStartDateTime,const QString aEndDateTime)
QOrganizerManager m_manager;
QOrganizerEvent m_organizerEvent;
QDateTime startdatetime = QDateTime::fromString(aStartDateTime, "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm");
QDateTime enddatetime = QDateTime::fromString(aEndDateTime, "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm");
if (startdatetime > enddatetime ) {
return false;
m_organizerEvent.setStartDateTime(startdatetime );
m_organizerEvent.setEndDateTime(enddatetime );
// similarly more fields can be added to the event
return true;
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