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Adding the Nokia IDE for Java ME to your Eclipse installation

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This article explains how to add the features of the Nokia IDE for Java to an installation of Eclipse

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Created: rebloor (28 Jun 2012)
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Note.pngNote: 'Indigo' or an earlier version of version of Eclipse IDE for Java Developers is required. The 'Juno' version of Eclipse IDE for Java Developers doesn't support MTJ. The Nokia IDE for Java is an extension of MTJ.



You can add the features of the Nokia IDE for Java to a copy of the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 'Indigo' or earlier. Please note that the Mobile Java Tools (MJT) features should not be installed, their presence will prevent the installation of the Nokia IDE for Java ME plug-in.

Once installed, you will have access to the NokiaDevEnv perspective and the Nokia IDE tools. However, the Nokia specific welcome screen is not included in the installation.


Nokia IDE to Eclipse 01 Add repository.png

  • Click Ok.
  • In Work with select the repository you just added.
  • Select the Nokia IDE for Java ME item and click Next.
  • In the Review dialogue, click Next.
  • Read the license agreement and then select I accept the terms of the license agreements. Click Finish.
  • In the Security Warning dialogue, as shown below, click OK.

Nokia IDE to Eclipse 02 Warning.png

  • The Nokia IDE for Java ME plug-in is now installed.
  • When prompted to restart Eclipse, click Restart Now.
  • When Eclipse has restarted, on the Window menu point to Open perspective and click Other.
  • In the Open perspective dialogue select NokiaDevEnv and click OK.

Using the Nokia IDE for Java ME features

With the plug-in installed and the NokiaDevEnv perspective open you can use the tools of the Nokia IDE for Java ME in exactly the same way you would in a standalone installation of the IDE. For a quick guide to the features of the IDE, view the Introduction to Nokia IDE for Java ME video (remembering that you don't have the Nokia welcome screen) or visit the Getting Started with Nokia IDE for Java ME section of the Nokia Developer website.


If the download of the Nokia IDE for Java plug-in times out, try increasing the timeout values in the eclipse.ini:


For more information see the Eclipse Transport Debugging help documentation.

(Please note that adjusting the timeout options to resolve this type of issue hasn't been tested.)

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