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Additional APIs available for Java ME

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*[[Java Binding for the OpenGL ES API]] (JSR 239)  
*[[Java Binding for the OpenGL ES API]] (JSR 239)  
*[[Mobile Sensor API]] (JSR 256)
*[[Mobile Sensor API]] (JSR 256)
[[Category:Series 40]][[Category:Java]][[Category:S60]]]]
[[Category:Series 40]][[Category:Java]][[Category:S60]]

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Java ME is based on different APIs (JSR) available in mobile devices, apart from the configuration (like CDC or CLDC) and the profile (like MIDP or Personal Profile).

You have to be sure if a device has installed an API before using it. You can check over platform information, for example for Series 40 or S60, to find which JSRs are available.

API Groups

There are two standards defined to reduce fragmentation, grouping many of the APIs in one platform name:

Non standard APIs

Many APIs are specific to some vendor or operator. In this category, we can find:

Standard APIs

There are 82 JSRs defined in JCP about Java ME. Many of them are still in draft and will be available in future devices and some were deprecated. The list of Java ME JSRs is http://jcp.org/en/jsr/tech?listBy=1&listByType=platform

The most common additional APIs found on mobile devices are:

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