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Archived:AMR cannot be recorded to a descriptor on Nokia 7610 and Nokia 6260 devices (Known Issue)

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Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia 7610, software version 4.0420.1 and Nokia 6260, software version 2.0426.0
Platform(s): S60 2nd Edition, FP1
S60 2nd Edition FP1
Created: (07 Dec 2004)
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AMR-encoded audio cannot be recorded to a descriptor on S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1 devices (such as Nokia 7610 and Nokia 6260) using the CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::OpenDesL() method.


The AMR does not get recorded at all and the KErrNotSupported (-5) error is returned.


The required AMR Write Plugin UID (0x101FAF7E) for the method clashes with the Advanced Audio Controller UID. Currently the only way to record an AMR is to do it with the CmdAudioRecorderUtility::OpenFileL() method. AMR audio can only be recorded to a file on these devices.

How to reproduce

Call CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::OpenDesL(TDesC8& aDescriptor,
    TUid aControllerUid,
    TUid aPlaybackControllerUid=KNullUid,
    TUid aFormatUid=KNullUid,
    TFourCC aCodec=NULL);
with the following parameters:
aControllerUid  = { 0x101FAF7D } // Nokia Advanced Audio //Controller UID
aFormatUid  = { 0x101FAF7E } // AMR-NB Write Format UID
aCodec  = { 0x524D4120 } // AMR-NB codec FourCC code


Record the AMR to a file using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::OpenFileL(const TDesC& aFileName).

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