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Devices(s): Tested with Nokia E90 Communicator and Nokia N95
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, S60 3rd Edition, FP1, S60 3rd Edition, FP2
S60 3rd Edition FP2
S60 3rd Edition FP1
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Created: (02 Nov 2007)
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The camera implementation in some S60 3rd Edition devices uses different Central Repository keys to access the information about the memory used to store images or video.

If the camera application has the UID {0x101FFA86}, the following Central Repository keys can be used:

 const TUid KCRUidCamSettings = {0x101FFA86};
const TUint32 KCamCrPhotoMemInUse = 0x06;
const TUint32 KCamCrVideoMemInUse = 0x16;
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