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Archived:Accesskey attribute not working in Web Browser on S60 3rd Edition (Known Issue)

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ID Unofficial - No ID assigned Creation Date November 16, 2007
Platform S60 3rd Edition Devices N95
Category Browsing Sub-Category XHTML


Issue description

Nokia S60 3rd Edition browser, named "Web", doesn't support accesskey attributes in links:

<a href="index.html" accesskey="1">Home</a>


OSS S60 Browser has special keyboard shortcuts like 2 key for search, but this override web developer good practice (_use accesskey for links_) and makes it useless, because the user can't use those accesskeys.

Traditional Nokia web browsers support long key press to activate link accesskeys, but doesn't work in OSS S60 Browser.


Mobile Web Best Practices: Accesskeys


Categories:Browsing | XHTML

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