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[[Category:Symbian C++]]
[[Category:Symbian C++]]
[[Category:Open C]]
[[Category:Known Issue]]
[[Category:S60 3rd Edition]]
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|platform=S60 3rd Edition
|platform=S60 3rd Edition
|devices=All (S60 3rd Edition devices)
|devices=All (S60 3rd Edition devices)
|category=Open C
|category=Open C/C++
|subcategory=IPC, Compatibility
|subcategory=IPC, Compatibility
|creationdate=August 20, 2008
|creationdate=August 20, 2008
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Starting from the next Open C release, <tt>IPC_CREAT</tt> has to be OR-ed with <tt>READ (0400)</tt> or/and <tt>WRITE (0200)</tt> permission.
Starting from the next Open C release, <tt>IPC_CREAT</tt> has to be OR-ed with <tt>READ (0400)</tt> or/and <tt>WRITE (0200)</tt> permission.[[Category:Open C/C++]][[Category:Known Issue]][[Category:S60 3rd Edition]]

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Article Metadata
Tested with
Devices(s): All (S60 3rd Edition devices)
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Created: (20 Aug 2008)
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To improve the performance and better adhere to POSIX standards, the next release of Open C will undergo some changes in the architecture. Some of the changes will also affect the binary compatibility with previous releases.


Proper permissions must now be defined when creating IPC (inter-process communication) resources (shm, semaphore</tt, and <tt>msgqueue). The flag argument (value) can no longer be just IPC_CREAT. Specifying only IPC_CREAT means that the IPC resource is created with absolutely no permissions, and will result in EACCESS error.

How to reproduce

 int msgid;      
struct msqid_ds buf = {0};
msgid = msgget(1000, 512); /* returns with errno = 13 */


Starting from the next Open C release, IPC_CREAT has to be OR-ed with READ (0400) or/and WRITE (0200) permission.

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