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Archived:CContactDatabase::DeleteDefaultFileL() always returns error code -14 KErrInUse (Known Issue)

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ID KIS000774 Creation date November 2, 2007
Platform S60 3rd Edition, S60 3rd Edition FP1 Devices  
Category Symbian C++ Subcategory Contacts


The static function CContactDatabase::DeleteDefaultFileL() always returns error code -14; KErrInUse.

Detailed description

S60 3rd Edition/S60 3rd Edition, FP1 documentation (SDK help) states that the static function CContactDatabase::DeleteDefaultFileL() deletes the default contact database. However, it always returns the error KErrInUse -14.

The following APIs return the same error:


How to reproduce

Write an application which implements CContactDatabase::DeleteDefaultFileL(), run it in the device, and check the return value.


There is no solution to delete the default contact database. A simple workaround useful in some cases is to delete all the contacts in the default contact database using DeleteContactsL(const CContactIdArray &aContactIds) instead of deleting the default contact database.

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