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Archived:Capturing contents of video playback area not possible (Known Issue)

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Template:KBKI This known issue was originally created by Mudhalvan and has been verified by Forum Nokia.

ID KIS000842 Creation date March 4, 2008
Platform S60 3rd Edition Tested on devices (All) 
Category Symbian C++  Subcategory Multimedia, Graphics 
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There are no Symbian or S60 platform-level APIs that provide a way to access the video frame buffers in order to capture screen shots of video playback.


Methods such as CopyScreenToBitmap() from CWsScreenDevice, RHardwareBitmap or screen address retrieved with UserSvr::ScreenInfo() do not provide a way to capture screenshots of video playback currently in progress.

All above methods result in a blank rectangle being captured for the video area. This is because MMF video controllers do not hand the video frames over to the window server, but simply request a safe drawing region and use Direct Screen Access to render the decoded frames. Symbian OS does not provide access to raw LCD framebuffer.


No solution available.

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