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Carbide.vs is a set of tools that enable efficient Symbian OS C++ application development using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE and Symbian OS SDKs.

Carbide.vs is targeted at developers with Visual Studio skills who want to create C++ applications for Symbian OS platforms. Carbide.vs provides easy entry into Symbian OS C++ development with wizards and other automated functions that integrate with Visual Studio. User can get started with minimal manual configuration. Carbide.vs also contains functionality to automate several development tasks specific to Symbian OS.

Key Features:

  • Visual Studio look and feel
  • Support for development with multiple SDKs
  • Project import and creation functions
  • Automatic maintenance of key Symbian OS files
  • Fully incremental project build for emulator use

Visual Studio 2003

Visual Studio 2003 is the previous version of this IDE before Visual Studio 2005. In this version, you can:

This is a commercial IDE and doesn't have free versions (as 2005 has).

Installing Carbide.Vs is the best way to get started coding in Symbian C++. There are templates that allow coding for different application needs for different SDK's. Templates are available from simple helloworld to client/server applications.

Not only it facilitates ease of development it is also very useful for application debugging.

Visual Studio 2003 does not provide on-device-debugging.

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