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[[Category:Known Issue]]
[[Category:Known Issue]]
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[[Category:Java ME]][[Category:MIDP 1.0]][[Category:MIDP 2.0]] [[Category:S60 3rd Edition]]
<!-- Translation --> zh-hans:S60第三版中在某些区域设置下使用了逗号而不是圆点作为小数点分隔符号

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When TextField.DECIMAL is used to enter numbers, the comma character is used on some devices/language variants as the decimal point symbol instead of the point character.


When the user enters numbers to a textField.DECIMAL-type textfield, some locales use the comma as the decimal pointer instead of the point.  This can cause some confusion if it is not taken into consideration when writing applications.

How to reproduce

Insert a text field of decimal type, enter a number, and try adding a decimal point.


If "hardcoded" numbers are also used in, for example, calculations, they must use point instead of comma – otherwise an exception will be thrown.

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