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Article Metadata
Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia 6600 (sw version 5.53.0)
Platform(s): S60 2nd Edition
S60 2nd Edition (initial release)
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (19 Oct 2006)
Last edited: hamishwillee (27 Mar 2012)


DateField does not display time zone offset.


DateField doesn't  use the time zone offset, but instead always displays the default time of the phone.

How to reproduce

Create a new time zone offset value with the following line:
TimeZone timezone = TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT-00:30");
The example uses minus 30 minutes as an offset value. Use the created offset values as a parameter in dateField constructor:
today = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis());
datefield = new DateField("title",DateField.DATE_TIME, timezone);
Now the dateField should have the current date and current time +/- the selected offset value.

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