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Archived:Differences in Image.getGraphics() method in different S60 1st Edition software versions (Known Issue)

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Differences in Image.getGraphics() method in different software versions
A MIDlet that worked well with the Nokia 7650, firmware version 3.12, doesn’t work with newer versions of the Nokia 7650 (version 4.39), Nokia 3650, or Nokia N-Gage™ mobile game deck.
Reported against
S60 1st Edition, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Nokia N-Gage™ game deck
Date identified
June 11, 2003
Generally, this problem results in very weird, seemingly unrelated effects, such as "Memory full" notes, clipping problems, and color and transparency problems.
Detailed description
MIDlets that use the Image.getGraphics method and that were tested to work on the Nokia 7650, firmware version 3.12, may behave unexpectedly on firmware versions 4.39 onward, depending on how the method is being called. As a result, "memory full" notes may appear or color/transparency problems may occur with such MIDlets. In Nokia 7650 firmware versions prior to 4.39, the Image.getGraphics() method returned a reference to the same Graphics object, instead of creating a new one every time, thus violating the MIDP 1.0 specification.
How to reproduce
See Technical Note: Known Memory Issues with the Nokia 7650. Corrected on firmware version 4.39 onward.
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