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Archived:Disabling the MMP/PKG File update feature.

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Following the withdrawal of Carbide.vs, Nokia Developer no longer supports the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for Symbian C++ development.

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Avoid automatically updating the .mmp and .pkg file by the Carbide.vs

Carbide.vs has a feature by which it will automatically update the .mmp and .pkg file when ever you build your project. But most of them might have be felt it annoying. There are two methods to disable that feature if you want to.

Method 1

From the VS.NET 2003 IDE go to the Project>>Carbide.vs Properties and then uncheck the Update .mmp File and Update .pkg File check boxes.

Method 2

If the first one is not working then use this second method. Sometimes the OK button of Carbide.vs Properties may not be enabled, in that case you've to manually modify the <YourProjectName>-SymbianOS-properties.xml file which you can find in your project folder. Open that file with a text editor add/modify the line as following:


About Carbide.vs

Archived:Carbide.vs Overview is an Add-in tool for VS.NET 2003 IDE, which will support all public Symbian SDKs as of now up to 3.1.

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