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Archived:Displayables when the running MIDlet is obscured by a system screen on S60 1st Edition (Known Issue)

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Platform(s): S60 1st Edition
S60 1st Edition
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (09 Mar 2004)
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If the setCurrent() method  has been called in the Canvas.hideNotify() method and the red phone button is pressed, the phone desktop is quickly shown and the application is brought to the foreground showing the screen that was chosen in the setCurrent() method instead of showing the Applications menu.


The user must press the Application key twice to see the Application menu.


Setting the current Displayable in the hideNotify() method will make the application come to the foreground. Thus, if the user presses the Applications key to access the Applications menu, the menu is shown only quickly and the application is brought to the foreground. The user must press the Applications key again to see the menu.


It is not necessary to set the current Displayable in the hideNotify() method. The showNotify() method can be used instead.

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