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Archived:Example CV in WidSets

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Created: User:Mirsilla (26 May 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (19 Jun 2012)

This is a very simple example widget to show how easy it is to create customized WidSets widgets. To create your own customized CV widget, just fill in your own information to the widget code and add some new content components.

Read the comments in the code to understand it better.


class cv
  const int CMD_BACK = 1;                                                       // Constant integer for softkey action.

  MenuItem BACK = new MenuItem(CMD_BACK, "Back");                               // MenuItem that will be bind as SOFTKEY_BACK.

  void startWidget() {                                                          // Function that is called when client starts. Creates the minimized view to 
                                                                                // dashboard.

    setMinimizedView(createMinimizedView("minimizedView", null));               // MinimizedView is created according to minimizedView layout defined in widget.xml.

  Shell openWidget() {                                                          // Function that is called when widget is opened. Returns the Shell that is the
                                                                                // actual "screen" that opens. 

    return createStartShell();                                                  // Function that returns Shell is called and returned straight to client core for
                                                                                // widget opening.


  Shell createStartShell() {                                                    // Function that creates the content Shell and returns it to openWidget function.

    Flow flow = new Flow(getStyle("background"));                               // Flow is a component container where all the content components are placed.  
                                                                                // Style "background" is used, which sets the background white.

    flow.setPreferredSize(-100,-100);                                           // Flow is set to fill the whole screen so that the whole screen is white even 
                                                                                // if the content does not fill the screen.

    Text text = new Text(getStyle("largeText"), "Test Users CV");               // Text component with content title is created 
    text.setPreferredWidth(-100);                                               // width is set to 100% so when the horizontal alignment is set to center, the text
                                                                                // aligns in the center of the screen.

    text.setFlags(VISIBLE|LINEFEED);                                            // Title is given flags VISIBLE and LINEFEED, resulting that it is shown
                                                                                // and the next component in the container comes under it.

    flow.add(text);                                                             // Title Text component is added to the flow container.

    Picture avatar = new Picture(getStyle("center"), getImage("avatar.png"));   // New Picture component is created and avatar.png image is set in it. 
                                                                                // Avatar.png is a resource file.

    avatar.setFlags(VISIBLE|LINEFEED);                                          // Avatar Picture gets the same flags as title.

    flow.add(avatar);                                                           // Avatar is added to flow.

                                                                                // Add content components here. For example, education, former jobs, etc. 
                                                                                // Use Text, Label, Picture, etc. components. See the API documentation and 
                                                                                // http://dev.widsets.com/wiki for more help.

    return new Shell(new Scrollable(getStyle("background"), flow));             // Flow is placed inside the Scrollable component in case the content exceeds 
                                                                                // the size of the screen. Scrollable is places in Shell that is returned.

  MenuItem getSoftKey(Shell shell, Component focused, int key) {                // This function sets bindings for the softkeys.

    if (key == SOFTKEY_BACK) {                                                  // Binding for the SOFTKEY_BACK is mandatory to enable the closing of the widget.

      return BACK;                                                              // BACK MenuItem is binded for the SOFTKEY_BACK.
    } else {
      return null;                                                              // Null is returned for SOFTKEY_MIDDLE and SOFTKEY_OK.

  void actionPerformed(Shell shell, Component source, int action) {             // This function catches the user actions.

    switch(action) {                                                            // Switch statement is useful if there are many different actions happening in the
                                                                                // widget. 

      case CMD_BACK:                                                            // In the case of CMD_BACK action (when the SOFTKEY_BACK is pressed),
        popShell(shell);                                                        // the Shell disappeares from the screen and dashboard becomes visible again.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<widget spec_version="2.0">
<!-- go to http://dev.widsets.com/wiki/Widget_Configuration_2.0 for help -->

    <name>widget name</name>
    <author>creators name</author>                                        
    <shortdescription>short description</shortdescription>  
    <longdescription>long description</longdescription>   
    <tags>CV cool</tags>                                                  

    <img src="avatar.png"/>
    <code src="cv.he"/>
      minimized {
        align: hcenter vcenter;
        background: solid white;
        border: 1 1 1 1;
        border-type: rectangle black;
      smallText {
        align: hcenter vcenter;
        color: black;
        font: small;
      largeText : smallText {
        font: large bold;
      .background {
        align: hcenter top;
        background: solid white;

  <layout minimizedheight="40sp">
    <view id="minimizedView">
      <decorate class="minimized"/>
      <text class="largeText">My CV</text>
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