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First attempt to create Internet connection fails
If the default (suggested) IAP is changed, first attempt to create an Internet connection fails.
Reported against
S60 1st Edition, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Nokia N-Gage™ mobile game deck
Date identified
August 26, 2003, updated February 17, 2004
Detailed description
All APIs able to create an Internet connection (e.g., RSocket::Open(), RGenericAgent::StartOutgoing() or CIntConnectionInitator::ConnectL()) fail with an error code KErrAccessDenied at the first connection attempt. When creating an Internet connection, for example, using RGenericAgent::StartOutgoing(), a dialog pops up where all defined IAPs are listed and the default is highlighted. If an IAP other than the default is selected, KErrAccessDenied error code is returned. The problem exists even if the IAP is selected in the code without showing the dialog.
How to reproduce
The problem can be handled by implementing a retry mechanism, which automatically tries to reconnect one or more times if KErrAccessDenied error code is returned.
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