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Archived:Garbage collecting prohibitively slows S60 2nd Edition (Known Issue)

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Garbage collecting KIJ000080

Platform: S60 2nd Edition Device: Nokia 6600


Calling the System.gc() method results in extreme slowness and jamming. In Monty 1.0 VM, garbage collection is different and every time System.gc is called, the entire memory is really cleared. This is an extremely slow process!


Do not call the System.gc method at all, or call the System.gc() garbage collecting method only in non-time-critical situations, such as screen transitions, state transitions, pause states, etc. If the System.gc() method is used, it is recommended to add a short delay (~20-50 ms) after the method call to ensure the sufficient time for the garbage collection, as in the following example:


 Thread.sleep(delay); //delay = 20-50 ms

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